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Fighting against an industry giant can feel like an impossible battle. But when a corporation abuses its power at your expense, you deserve justice. At Paul LLP Trial Attorneys, consumer protection is not just a practice but a passion. Our dedicated team of legal professionals, led by nationally recognized attorneys Rick Paul and Ashlea Schwarz, has a proven track record in complex consumer and commercial litigations, including obtaining some of the most substantial settlements in U.S. history. We have a thorough understanding of the nuances of consumer protection laws, and we are passionate about upholding your rights against corporations and businesses.

If you believe you have suffered a violation of your rights as a consumer, our experienced consumer protection attorneys are here to help. With our breadth of knowledge and firm commitment to justice, we aim to provide you with robust advocacy and effective solutions. Contact us today at (816) 984-8100 for a free consultation and take the first step in protecting your consumer rights. 

What Is Consumer Protection?

Consumer protection refers to a set of laws and guidelines that are meant to ensure fair trade, competition, and accurate information in the marketplace. These laws aim to prevent businesses from engaging in fraud or unfair practices and to protect consumers from such behavior. They also seek to level the playing field between consumers and businesses and to protect consumers from being taken advantage of.

In essence, consumer protection is about safeguarding consumers from unfair business practices, ensuring an economy of fair treatment and respect, and enabling customers to make informed decisions. It covers a wide range of areas, including:

  • Product safety
  • Fair pricing
  • Truthful advertising
  • Customer privacy 

What Do Consumer Protection Lawyers Do?

As your consumer protection lawyers, our role at Paul LLP Trial Attorneys is to work to uphold your rights. Our work encompasses a wide range of activities, from prosecuting class actions and mass tort actions to leading nationwide teams of co-counsel in complex commercial litigations.

Our goal is to protect consumers from fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business practices. This work includes representing individuals who have been misled or harmed by such practices, helping our clients understand their consumer protection rights, and working toward systemic change to prevent unethical practices in the future. Whether through going to trial or negotiating settlements, we are passionate about delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients and changing the world for the better.

Essentially, a consumer protection lawyer is your advocate, counselor, and defender. We can guide you through the complex legal landscape, provide well-informed advice, and fiercely advocate for your rights. 

What Are Some Examples of Consumer Protection Cases?

Consumer protection cases cover a wide array of issues. These cases often revolve around deceptive business practices, violations of warranty terms, inaccuracies in credit reporting, and more. Here are some examples: 

Consumer Fraud

Consumer fraud cases often involve deceptive or unfair business practices. These can range from false advertising and misleading sales tactics to pyramid schemes and identity theft. For instance, a company might advertise a product as having certain features or capabilities that it does not possess, misleading consumers into purchasing the product. The seasoned consumer protection attorneys at Paul LLP Trial Attorneys vigorously pursue these fraudulent businesses, seeking to hold them accountable for their deceptive practices and to obtain compensation for affected consumers. 


Warranty cases often arise when a company fails to honor the terms of a product or service guarantee. A typical example is a manufacturer refusing to repair or replace a defective product under warranty, claiming the issue is not covered. When companies violate warranty terms, consumers suffer. Our attorneys work tirelessly to ensure that companies fulfill their warranty obligations, providing the promised remedy to consumers, whether a repair, replacement, or refund. 

Credit Reporting

Credit reporting cases often involve inaccuracies in a consumer’s credit report. These inaccuracies can stem from identity theft, errors by the credit reporting agency, or incorrect information from creditors. Such errors can have a profound impact on a consumer’s ability to obtain credit, secure housing, or even get a job. The attorneys at Paul LLP Trial Attorneys work diligently to challenge these inaccuracies, compelling credit reporting agencies and creditors to correct erroneous information. Where appropriate, we seek compensation for the harm these errors have caused. 

Debt Collection

Debt collection cases often involve abusive or harassing behavior by debt collectors or attempts to collect debts the consumer does not owe. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act provides consumers with protection against such practices. Our firm stands up to overzealous debt collectors, defending consumers from harassment and unwarranted claims. 

Product Safety

Product safety cases can occur when dangerous or defective products harm consumers. Such instances can range from, for example:

  • Faulty electronics that cause fires
  • Unsafe vehicles that lead to accidents
  • Harmful pharmaceuticals that cause adverse health effects

Our lawyers are passionate about taking on the manufacturers of these products, demanding they take responsibility for their unsafe products and compensate the consumers they have harmed.

Paul LLP Trial Attorneys stands ready to protect your rights in all these areas and more. We are prepared to take on businesses large and small in the pursuit of justice, working to ensure they treat consumers fairly and adhere to the law. If you believe you have been the victim of unfair business practices, we can help. 

Current Litigations at Paul LLP Trial Attorneys

Paul LLP Trial Attorneys is currently spearheading two significant consumer protection lawsuits. These two cases exemplify Paul LLP Trial Attorneys‘s commitment to representing those who believe powerful corporations have wronged them. 

Stolen Kia/Hyundai Vehicles

Paul LLP Trial Attorneys is representing thousands of individuals across the country that may be victims of stolen Kia / Hyundai vehicles. Paul LLP Trial Attorneys‘s representation is separate and unrelated to the class action settlement. If you were impacted by these car manufacturers’ poor security, our law firm can help you seek the compensation you deserve.

Unclaimed Property

If you are a victim that had property seized without notice, Paul LLP Trial Attorneys is representing clients across the country (several claims have recently been filed in Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Texas, etc. on behalf of Paul LLP Trial Attorneys) that are in similar situations. Please contact our office today to seek proper representation.

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The experienced team at Paul LLP Trial Attorneys is ready and waiting to assist you. Don’t let legal complications and corporate red tape stand in the way of your rights and justice. We have a proven track record of achieving significant results against powerful companies. Whether you need help with a class action lawsuit, a complex commercial dispute, or any other type of litigation, we can provide the high-quality representation you deserve.

Rick Paul and Ashlea Schwarz bring their considerable experience, dedication, and commitment to the benefit of our clients. They have successfully fought against some of the nation’s most influential companies, leading to substantial settlements and justice for those affected.

We focus on contingent-fee litigations, meaning you will only pay us if we secure a recovery on your behalf. This approach ensures that everyone can access top-notch legal representation regardless of their financial situation.

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