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Why Paul LLP?

At Paul LLP we work. Hard. With a loyalty and collaboration that is not found in most law firms. Our practice concentrates on complex commercial and consumer contingent-fee litigation. A substantial portion of our practice involves the prosecution of class, collective, and mass actions.

Our collaborative nature extends beyond our attorneys. We often lead multi-faceted, nationwide teams of co-counsel in complex commercial litigations. Our colleagues in the legal community trust our experience, work ethic, and breadth of knowledge to usher a case from conception to a winning decision, especially if that means going to trial. And you can trust that too.

We are committed to making revolutionary changes to the way businesses conduct themselves. While money is the driver of many cases, what can and should be just as important is making sure the same bad acts don’t happen again in the future. That is what we strive for; victories that bring about industry-wide changes. Our goal is to enact meaningful, fair, and lasting change to corporate policy, regulations, and law for the benefit of all people.

Because our practice extends beyond the traditional single-plaintiff single-defendant litigation, we are well versed in a multitude of subject matters. We specialize in a way of practicing—one that requires a deep dive into the factual, legal, and procedural issues of a particular case. We aren’t afraid to learn something new and we relish the opportunity to find something where nothing existed before. We are hardworking, observant, and detail-oriented. Every fact matters, and that’s why we’re able to put the pieces together where others fail.