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Financial Torts

When someone tries to take advantage of investors through unlawful schemes or false investments, Paul LLP represents those who have been exploited. These types of crimes are becoming more and more common today, and online trading and email solicitation make it easier for perpetrators to target innocent investors. We can help recover and ensure these crimes are made public to keep it from happening again.

Pump-and-Dump Stock Schemes

When an inexpensive stock is falsely inflated, encouraging investors to buy before the true value comes to light, those investors can lose everything, while the scammers come out ahead by selling when prices go up. This type of crime occurs on a regular basis, especially via email ads, and Paul LLP works to help those who have been scammed into purchasing overinflated stocks.

Money Laundering

Earnings from unlawful proceedings are frequently routed through banks, investment houses, or securities/commodities brokers to try to conceal those earnings. Our nation’s financial institutions are tasked by state and federal law with monitoring and investigating transactions that bear the common signs of money laundering. Sometimes, however, they turn a blind eye, or even participate, in the financial crimes. We have experience in holding these institutions accountable.

Ponzi Schemes

Many investments begin as legitimate investments but may deteriorate into schemes when the investment does not live up to expected returns. In this type of scheme, the investment’s manager uses their own or investors’ money to pay out what they claim are the high returns, thereby coaxing more investors into parting with their money. This house of cards is eventually revealed, and investors can lose everything. Paul LLP can help investors find recourse and recover lost investments.

Securities Fraud

Securities fraud covers a large group of deceptive practices that ultimately end in investors losing money. Fraud can occur when a stock or investment is overinflated, when a company falsifies its financial reports, when insider trading occurs and essentially whenever investors are encouraged to buy or sell investments based on false information. Investment fraud is becoming more common these days, and when money is lost due to unlawful practices we work to help those targeted by such practices.

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    Hair loss is a common side effect of chemotherapy, but it is only temporary.  Hair completely regrows shortly after treatment is finished. Taxotere, however, has been reported to cause permanent and irreversible hair loss, sometimes called alopecia. All body hair is lost, including eyebrows, eyelashes and pubic hair. Taxotere is the most frequently prescribed chemotherapy…

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    Monsanto’s Roundup is the most popular herbicide in the world. In 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (“IARC”) found that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, was a probable carcinogen. This led IARC to classify glyphosate as a level 2A cancer-causing substance. Roundup is an important product in the lives of many farmers…

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