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General Aviation Accidents

General Aviation consists of commercial flights, helicopters, and personal flights. Commercial aviation is what you typically think of—large passenger airlines carrying hundreds of people. But commercial aviation also includes smaller operations such as air ambulance and air taxi services. Personal flights can refer to an individual piloting his own plane for a weekend trip, a farmer crop-dusting his fields, or a businessperson making a cross-country flight. An estimated 65 percent of general aviation flights are conducted for business and public services.

On June 15, 1785, the first fatal aviation accident occurred near Wimereux, France, taking the life of the Roziere balloon’s inventor, Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier, and a colleague. On September 17, 1908, the first fatal crash of a powered airplane happened, killing Signal Corps Lieutenant Thomas Selfridge and injuring the other passenger, the famed Orville Wright. Injuries and deaths have consistently occurred year after year.

Paul LLP handles a wide array of aviation-related litigation, including accidents leading to serious injury or death for those on board or loss of aircraft and future business. Our hope is that these cases reach beyond monetary recovery for the families and companies. It is important that the victims be recognized and that companies take responsibility for their failures.

Over the decades, aviation has become safer, but sadly the industry is still plagued with disasters; often due to complacency and a failure to follow simple safety procedures. Causes of these crashes include pilot error, mis-fueling with the wrong fuel, product defects in the plane’s design, employees not paying attention, and poor training.

In each case we take, we strive to find a solution so that the same error doesn’t happen again. We want to make a change to the industry. Our goal is to enact meaningful, fair, and lasting change to corporate policies, regulations, and laws for the benefit of all people. Complacency is simply not acceptable.

If you have been hurt or lost a loved one in an aviation accident, we are here to help.